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Passing on a Legacy Gift

Christmas is in full swing and everyone is in a rush for their final gifts. Even here at Power Solutions Plus we are feeling the pressure on what to get our signficant others and/or children. Which got me thinking about the signficance of the gifts we buy. The other day I was talking to a friend and father-in-law about gifts that keep on giving even after the person is gone. It reminded me of a Case mother of pearl pocket knife that my grandfather bought back in 1976. Which he passed on to me as a gift when I graduated high school. My father-in-law said he still has the Case knives that his grandfather passed on to him.  I've gotten a lot of gifts over the years but I would dare say the Case knife is one of the few gifts that I still carry. Maybe you are thinking of an heirloom that someone has left to you?

Here at Power Solutions Plus in St. Anne, we have a entire case of Case Knives that we sell. We belive in quality products that our customers can count on. If you haven't found that gift yet for someone dear in your life. I would suggest getting them a legacy gift. Something that will last a life time like a Case Knife or in my case three generations.

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