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5 Quick Tips to Know Before it Snows.

It's the start of the new year and that means that snow will be on it's way soon. We've decided to compile a short list of 5 quick things you can do to prepare the snow.

1. Buy Fresh Gas. The winter gas has more of a volatile blend which means that you can start your snow blower up quicker.

2. Maintanance. Making sure that your snow blower will start up like new is key. When was the last time you turned on your snow blower? Power Solutions Plus offers full maintance service. We will even come get your equipment from your home to take back to the shop.

3. Rock Salt. Making sure that you have the rock salt to help melt the snow and ice on walk ways ensures that you wont bust your butt going to work. We carry 50lb bags of rock salt here at PSP to ensure that you wont run out anytime soon.

4. Car Kit. No one ever expects to have an accident in the snow. Howerever, this does happen and if you aren't properly prepared it could mean life or death. If you have to leave your home during a snow storm make sure that your vehicle is topped off with fuel. Carry warm blankets in the trunk. Cat litter in case you get stuck. Also, make sure your phone is fully charged.

5. Get out early. If the forecast predicts large storm totals, start blowing before snowfall finishes. This saves gas and wear on your machine, since blowing small amounts is easier. If you clear the driveway before the plows come through, take time to blow snow along the road edge heading toward your driveway to reduce what the plow will deposit.

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