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Why Buy Tier III Now

2018 Tier III vs. Tier IV 2019

Why buy a Tier III now versus waiting and buying a Tier IV after Tier III ends THIS YEAR? Answer: MONEY!

This time next year the price for a Tier 4 final diesel engine will cost DOUBLE of what the same engine in Tier 3 costs now!

Save your farm operation some serious cash by buying a Tier III engine now. Don’t take our word for it, ask around and check it out for yourself.

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BCS Tractors & Attachments

BCS Tractors

& Attachments

With BCS shaft drive tractors the choice is easy! We serve ALL northern Illinois & NW Indiana

Call Us and together we can get your work done. AND We deliver !



Full spectrum of power products for growers, processors, facilities, and ag industrial.

Backup Power Equipment

Backup Power Units

Commercial and Industrial
Generators for commercial and industrial applications.

Being an Agricultural Support Business located in St. Anne, IL. With a Customer Solutions First philosophy, we strive to utilize our 60+ years of selection, design, implementation, and sales in various agricultural fields to offer the most beneficial package for your operation at the highest quality. From irrigation power, generators and pumps to best in industry BCS 2-wheel tractors and attachments.

Two Wheel Tractors

As a proud BCS Two Wheel Tractor dealer, we can offer you:

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01. BCS Two Wheel Tractors and Accessoriers

BCS Equipment  Delivery

When purchasing BCS Tractors and Accessories from us, you have the option for us to deliver your order to you. Even better, if you are within 20 miles of our location, delivery is free! 

20-40 miles away fuel charge is $75 and anything 40+ miles is $125

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